Fifth Disease

posted Apr 20, 2017, 7:38 AM by Penny Zorn

Fifth Disease is a common and harmless condition that afflicts young children.  A child who has contracted Fifth Disease will display a rash on his or her face that gives the appearance of a hand slap (a more wide spread rash will appear a few days later).  However, like chicken pox, the contagious period for this disease is before the rash appears.  Consequently, other children will have been exposed prior to an outbreak being detected.  The outbreak can only be considered finished once 20 days have passed with no further confirmed cases.  While the disease is relatively harmless, and in fact is not legally reportable according to the Health Department, it can present some serious risks to the fetus of a pregnant women infected with the disease.  We have had a confirmed case of Fifth Disease this week.

For the safety of our staff and parent volunteers, please inform the school if your child should present the symptoms of Fifth disease.